January 10, 2011

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Real Estate Marketing that Worked in 2010

As we look towards 2011, it’s easy to get caught up in wondering what the Next Big Thing will be in the world of real estate marketing. So today, we’ll take a look back at the year that was and the strategies that really worked for agents around the world.

One of the themes that kept recurring when we spoke to agents was how much time and energy they were putting into their blogs, and that these efforts were actually starting to pay off. Katherine Cannon blogged for and found her ideal homebuyers, while Pam Pugmire discovered the benefits of being a prolific blogger in a relatively small market. But a successful blog strategy didn’t have to be about writing per se, as regular video blogger Ian Watt showed.

SEO was another concern for agents, and many came to understand that regularly updating their blog gave them a boost when it came to search results. In particular, agents who focused on long tail keywords saw a boost to traffic, as Karen Fiddler found when she blogged about her local schools.

Of course, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter continued to fascinate and sometimes frustrate agents. The debate over whether listings should be posted and tweeted continued, while the number of people using social networks worldwide kept growing at an astounding rate. For those agents who jumped on board, like Eileen Rivera and Dale Chumbley, marketing through social media paid off in a big way.

Perhaps the most striking trend this year was the focus on market niches. This ran through everything from the types of keywords agents focused on to the blog posts they wrote and Facebook and Twitter audiences they tried to create. Some, like Habitat Property, went so far as to base their entire business model on an idea that appealed to a particular kind of buyer and seller, while others, like beachandbay.com.au, found that simply offering specific market information was enough to generate leads.

Which online marketing strategies have worked for you in 2010? Let us know your thoughts in our comments, or choose your best strategy in our homepage survey.


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