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About Us

Welcome to Property Ad Guru.

Estate agents around the world are faced with a massive range of online advertising options.  These include having their own website, advertising on Google and other search engines, and utilising one of many portal sites that exist.  The marketing by the providers of these services can be confusing.

Property Ad Guru is an online publication specifically designed for estate agents and property developers around the world to help them through this maze of information.

The site provides a range of content about online advertising and marketing including:

Agent Sites - advice and guidance on how to get the most from your website including information on what makes a good site, where to host, and how to make sure your site converts into leads.

Portal Sites - advice and information on what is happening with portal sites around the world including which sites are likely to give you the best return on investment and how to get the most from your investment on those sites.

Search and Social Media - overview on the other advertising options open to realtors and estate agents around the world including how to use them to your advantage, where to invest in advertising and how to make sure that you generate leads.

Quality Ads - information on how to make sure that your online display and listing advertisements are best presented and therefore most likely to be clicked on and therefore generate the most leads.

Lead Management - once you have generated leads from your online advertising, how do agents and realtors make sure that they best manage the leads to get the most value from their online advertising.

Customer Management - having converted a lead to a customer, how do agents and realtors utilise th internet to manage those customers into the future and thus ensure that value from those customers is maximised.

You are able to subscribe to any or all of these sections just by entering your email address on the home page.  The best part is subscription to the site is free. Just click here.

Property Ad Guru is the sister site to Property Portal Watch - one of the leading industry sites for property portal owners around the world.

So who is behind Property Ad Guru?

View Simon Baker's profile on LinkedIn

Simon Baker is a leading global expert in the field of online real estate advertising.

From 2001 through 2008, Simon was the CEO and Managing Director of the Australian listed online real estate company - realestate.com.au Ltd (also known as the REA Group).

The REA Group is a leading provider of online real estate sites - operating 22 sites in 10 countries covering residential, commercial and holiday rentals. In addition, the REA Group owns a suite of back office applications and print publications.

During his time at the REA Group, Simon grew revenues from $4m in FY 2001 to $155m in FY 2008 and grew EBITDA from -$6m in FY 2001 to $37m in FY 2008. Most importantly, Simon delivered great returns for the shareholders by increasing the market capitalisation from $8m in June 2001 to over $600m in in June 2008.

Some of the other KPIs driving the growth of the business were:

  • Unique visitors increased from ~250k in June 2001 through 8m+ in June 2008
  • Paying customers increased from 1,200 in June 2001 through 24,000+ in June 2008
  • Employees increased from 25 in June 2001 through ~750 in June 2008

Helping drive this growth was 15 acquisitions between 2003 and 2008.

The REA Group is now seen as the global leader in online real estate marketing.

Check out their website www.rea-group.com

Prior to becoming the CEO of realestate.com.au in 2001, Simon was the Chief Business Development Officer at News Corp in Australia and was responsible for the investment by News Corp in to the realestate.com.au L:td business.

Prior to this, Simon was the Chief Technology Officer at a US start up - naturalhealthlink.com and he spent 5 years with McKinsey and Co in Australia.

He has an MBA from the Melbourne Business School and a BSc (Comp Sci) from Monash University.

To find out more about Simon, check out his linkedin profile http://www.linkedin.com/in/stbaker

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