May 14, 2011

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More Property Hunters Looking to Agent Sites in NZ


New research by New Zealand property portal shows that the number of property hunters clicking through to real estate agents’ websites to find out more about properties has increased over the last 12 months.

Postling Shows How Agents are Using Social Media


Alexis Lamster, vice president of customers at social media management service Postling, has put together the following infographic showing how real estate agents are making use of social media.

Could Group Buying Work in Real Estate?


Many of our readers will already be signed up to some kind of group buying website, whether it’s the giant Groupon or one of its many smaller cousins. But can this model work in the real estate industry?

Agent Strategies: Email Still a Good Option


According to a survey of our readers, the most successful online marketing strategy isn’t social media or even SEO, but the relatively traditional medium of email newsletters.

Online Advertising Overtakes Print


This time last year, we asked the question: is print media advertising dead, or just dying? Now, the latest figures out of the US show the newspaper ad industry is, at the very least, pretty unhealthy.

Local Information Becoming More Important


We’ve spent plenty of time here at highlighting real estate websites that do a great job of covering local information. This is because we know that, like good SEO and social media use, local real estate information is only going to become more important to a successful real estate website as time goes on.

Aussie Audiences Leave Portals for Social Networks


We knew social media websites were popular in Australia, but what we didn’t know until now was just how quickly Australian Internet users’ online habits are changing.

Would You Use QR Codes on Your Marketing?


If you’ve never heard of QR codes (short for “quick response codes”) before, the best way to think of them is as a futuristic version of the humble supermarket barcode. But how are they useful in real estate marketing?

How Will Small Business Tech Change in 2011?


In this week’s guest post from SOBOX – the social media solution created by publisher Classified Ad Ventures – we hear some tech predictions for the coming year.

Email Use Spans the Generations


The results of a new Pew Internet study show that, far from being overtaken by new communication forms like Facebook and Twitter, email is the most common online activity for all Internet users ages 18 to 74 and over.