May 2, 2011

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Tweaking Your Emails to Make an Impact


About a week ago, an email newsletter landed in the inbox that really stood out. It wasn’t for its great use of pictures or even a catchy subject line - it was simply because the email began by reaching out to its readers.

Email Tool Review: PreviewMyEmail


You’ve seen them in your inbox before - email newsletters that are missing pictures, full of error messages, or just plain blank. If you’ve ever stopped to wonder whether your email looks like this to some of your own subscribers, you might want to check out PreviewMyEmail.

MailChimp Doubles its Free Plan


Email marketing and list manager MailChimp has just doubled its freemium plan, making its service free for lists with up to 2,000 members. What’s so great about MailChimp? The main advantage for agents is its tracking capability.

Is there a Right Time to Send Email Newsletters?


Having looked at some of the latest research on the best times to blog, tweet, and post to Facebook, we wanted to touch on timing for email newsletters as well. Here are our timing tips for real estate agents who want their emails opened:

Email Use Spans the Generations


The results of a new Pew Internet study show that, far from being overtaken by new communication forms like Facebook and Twitter, email is the most common online activity for all Internet users ages 18 to 74 and over.

Holiday Email Checklist


We know you’re just hours away from rushing out of the office for a well-deserved holiday, but before you go take a few moments to make sure you’ve set up your out of office email responder with all the right information.

Tips for Attention-Grabbing Emails


Here at, we subscribe to our fair share of email newsletters and see some fantastic examples from real estate agents, along with some that could use a bit of work. By reading so many every day, we know what works when it comes to grabbing readers’ attention, and what sends an email straight to the trash.

12 Tips for Christmas Email Newsletters


As everyone gets busier in the lead-up to Christmas, non-essential emails are much likelier to be ignored. So if you’re planning to send out a Christmas email this year, follow our tips to make sure people take the time to read it.

Four More Ways to Refine Your Email Marketing


Judging by early results from our homepage survey, email newsletters are still a solid source of business for agents. So today, we’re going to add to our Top 10 Tips for Email Newsletters with five more ways to make your email marketing efforts count.

The Great Social Migration: Email Left Behind

The amount of time we spend on email is quickly being eaten up by time spent on social networks, according to new Nielsen figures.

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