December 13, 2010

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Four More Ways to Refine Your Email Marketing

Judging by early results from our homepage survey, email newsletters are still a solid source of business for agents. So today, we’re going to add to our Top 10 Tips for Email Newsletters with five more ways to make your email marketing efforts count.

1. It’s all in the timing. Once you’ve got your website analytics software installed, use it to track what happens after each mail-out. For example, if you send out an email on Friday, are people more likely to click-through to your website than if you send one on Monday morning? You can also use this approach to find out what kinds of emails generate the biggest response, and which fall flat.

2. Give them plenty of chances to sign up. Before you can start monitoring the response from your database, you need to build up your subscriber numbers by providing website visitors with clear calls to action. Remember, you don’t have to keep your sign-up form tucked away on your “contact us” page. In fact, you can go as far as to offer the option to subscribe on every page of your website, thereby gaining the maximum number of subscribers.

3. Land them in the right place. As pointed out in their top 10 tips for 2010, the page people see once they click out of the email is vital to an email campaign’s success. This “landing page” should meet your subscribers expectations, so don’t land them on your homepage if your link said “see our latest listings here,” - take them straight to the listings you mentioned.

4. Relevancy is still key. This is possibly the most challenging aspect of any email marketing campaign, and the most important. Ideally, each of your emails should be targeted at a specific section of your database, reaching the people who find it most relevant. But if you can’t segment your contacts like this, you can still give your emails a sense of timeliness by referring to a seasonal change (“Thinking of selling up this spring?”) or the latest movements in the market. Tweaking your copy in this way will prompt more subscribers to actually open your email, and keep it from ending up in the trash.

[Image: Andrew on flickr]


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