May 2, 2011

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Tips for Display Ad Clicks


Whether it’s a Facebook ad, a featured listing on a property portal, or a banner on someone else’s website, there are a number of display ad strategies you can use to make sure you get the click-throughs you’re looking for.

Ad Spending Up in US, Down in UK


Small businesses in the US are spending more on paid advertising and getting more online conversions than they were a year ago, according to a new report from online advertising company WebVisible.

Facebook’s Guide to Ads


A few weeks ago, we looked into Facebook Ads and found out exactly how to create one from the ground up. Now, Facebook has released its own guide to help people get the most out of its targeted ads.

Facebook Ads From the Ground Up


With Facebook now closing in on a total of 500 million users worldwide, the topic of Facebook ads is worth looking into.

UK Study: Clicks Don’t Matter


The findings of a UK-based study by .Fox Networks and comScore suggest the number of clicks video and display advertisements receive doesn’t actually matter.

Effective Banner Advertising – Part 2

Banner advertising is a really effective means of promoting estate agent’s services, especially when used on portal websites. “Advertise where the people are looking” is exactly what’s at play in this scenario. The ad becomes even more effective when placed at a granular rather than generic level such as the home page.

Placing banners on the search results pages of neighbourhoods where you operate is a key way to attract potential buyers and sellers in your market. Your message should speak directly to the people looking for property in your area and should resonate loudly with those looking to sell. So how do you get your ads up there?

Effective Banner Advertising – Part 1


If you’ve spent any time surfing the net you’re bound to have come across a multitude of advertisements. There’s tickers and pop-ups and links, but no doubt you’ve noticed the most prevalent of them all, banners. So how do you create, place and measure effective banner advertising?

comScore Study Questions Value of Clicks

comScore has released updated findings that show Internet users are much less likely to click on display ads than they were two years ago. Claims Banner Ad Transformation


Last year US property search engine released a product it calls “Online Billboard w/ live listing widget”, which it claims has revolutionised the “banner ad” as we previously knew it.

Top 10 Tips for Property Photos


Simple as it might sound to just “point and click” there are a few things to keep in mind that will ensure photos really add to your listing. Here are’s Top 10 Tips for Property Photos.

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