November 26, 2010

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UK Study: Clicks Don’t Matter

The findings of a UK-based study by .Fox Networks and comScore suggest the number of clicks video and display advertisements receive doesn’t actually matter.

The study evaluated results from four campaigns across four industry sectors and found that video and display advertising both successfully increased brand engagement in each.

After exposure to a display or video ad, the study found consumers were three times more likely to conduct search queries using brand or relevant generic terms during the next four weeks. Website visitation also increased by more than a factor of seven.

Comparing the two types of advertising, the study found consumers exposed to video advertising were 28 percent more likely to visit the brand website and nearly twice as likely to conduct a trademark search than if they saw display ads. However, the response from those exposed to display ads did climb as the number of ad impressions increased.

.Fox Networks is a global online advertising network, so it has an obvious investment in the idea that online display and video advertising is effective. But the results do echo the findings of a US-based comScore study from last year.

“Today, marketers who attempt to optimise their advertising campaigns solely around the click are assigning no value to the 84 percent of Internet users who don’t click on an ad,” comScore vice president of marketing solutions Linda Anderson said about the US study. “That’s precisely the wrong thing to do, because other comScore research has shown that non-clicked ads can also have a significant impact.”


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