May 2, 2011

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Back to Basics: Building a Social Media Plan


Still unsure how to establish a social media presence for your real estate business? Then take a look through this advice from David Gibbons, general manager of business development at real estate technology company Korbitec, on how property professionals should start out.

How to Choose the Right Title for Your Blog Posts


There is one aspect of blogging that can make all the difference: choosing a title that not only grabs people’s attention, but also secures you a place high up in the right search results.

Postling Shows How Agents are Using Social Media


Alexis Lamster, vice president of customers at social media management service Postling, has put together the following infographic showing how real estate agents are making use of social media.

How to Update Facebook Remotely


It’s not always possible to update your Facebook page while on the move, especially when you’re rushing from inspection to inspection. However, keeping your social networks, including Facebook, updated is important for networking and lead generation.

Agent Strategies: A Twitter Heavy Hitter


When it comes to influential Twitter users, it’s hard to go past Michael McClure, better known on Twitter as @ProfessionalOne.

Why People Unfollow Brands


Whether you’re using Twitter as a personal communication tool or to promote your brand, a drop in your follower count always stings. It also raises the question: “Why did they decide to stop following me?”

Making Sense of Facebook Stats


If you’ve been diligently posting updates to your Facebook Page, you might also have noticed some slightly confusing statistics appearing under each update. So what do these numbers mean?

Agent Strategies: Real Estate Blogging that Works


Today’s Agent Strategy comes from Heather Elias, the US real estate agent behind the impressive blog

What Does Century21 Blog About?


Real estate agents who’ve been blogging for a year or two might be surprised to learn that Century 21 has only recently launched its official blog for the US under the banner @C21 – Home Matters.

Facebook Pages to be Revamped


In just a few weeks, Facebook Pages will undergo a major upgrade that should make promoting your real estate business that much easier. So what can you expect when Facebook flips the switch?

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