April 3, 2011

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How to Update Facebook Remotely

It’s not always possible to update your Facebook page while on the move, especially when you’re rushing from inspection to inspection. However, keeping your social networks, including Facebook, updated is important for networking and lead generation.

So, how can you do this when you are not at your computer? There are a number of ways and most can be done using your mobile phone.

Update Facebook from Text Messages (SMS or MMS)

Facebook has this covered and it has mobile services already available. You can send status updates and get information out of your phone. To activate this, go to the Mobile tab on your Account Settings on Facebook, click on the Mobile link and add your phone number and other relevant information.

This will be verified and then you can start sending updates to 32665 (FBOOK).

Make sure you set when and from whom you want notifications of Facebook updates sent to your mobile phone, otherwise you might be constantly bombarded.

This method works well for text updates, but for photos and videos it is best to email these using the method below.

Update Facebook by Email

Although this may take a little time to set up, once you have it is easy and convenient. To get a unique email address to send your status updates, videos or images to, you need to visit facebook.com/mobile and follow the prompts.

Once complete, you will have an email address and you can attach photos and videos just like sending to any other email respondent. The only difference is that you use the subject line as your caption. Remember, though, if you upload more than one email or video on the one email it will use the same caption. Email them separately if they are not related or you want different captions.

So there you have it. It’s very easy to keep your Facebook page up to date, wherever you are. You should find that once you get in the habit of regular updates you think about opportunities more and more.


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