May 26, 2011

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Making Sense of Facebook Stats

If you’ve been diligently posting updates to your Facebook Page, you might also have noticed some slightly confusing statistics appearing under each update. After a while, you should see information such as “448 impressions, 0.45% feedback” - but what do those numbers actually mean?

To start with, impressions refers to the number of times that post has been shown to users, either through their news feed, a visit to your Page, or after someone has shared the post. Facebook is using this term the same way its is used in online advertising - an impression doesn’t necessarily mean someone has read your update, just that it was loaded on their screen.

As for feedback, this refers to the number of comments and likes your update received. Facebook generates the percentage by dividing likes and comments by the number of impressions the update generated.

If you want to dive deeper into this kind of information on your Facebook Page, click the link in the top right menu called “view insights.” Here, you can keep track of things like how many users have been on your page over time, and how their interactions have fluctuated depending on what you posted on a certain day.

For an even closer look, click on “interactions” in the top left menu and you’ll see a list of your recent posts, along with their impressions and feedback percentages. What’s interesting here is that you can click either “impressions” or “feedback” at the top of this list and see which posts got the most attention, giving you an even clearer idea of what your Facebook Page visitors are interested in.


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