December 17, 2010

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How Facebook “Likes” Can Help You

Last week, we went through how to add Facebook’s “like” button to a blog. Today, we’ll look at exactly why that little blue button is so important for your online marketing efforts.

First, we need remind ourselves of just what happen when someone clicks “like” on a blog post, YouTube video, Facebook page, or any other piece of online content. After someone clicks “like”, an update will appear in their newsfeed saying so and linking back to the piece of content they chose.

For one-off pieces of online content such as blog posts or YouTube videos, this means a one-off chance to get noticed in someone else’s Facebook news feed. Remember, it’s not just the person who liked your blog post or video, but all their Facebook friends, who will potentially see the “like” update.

But “likes” are more useful when they place your brand in front of Facebook users every time you post a new piece of content. This will happen whenever someone choose to “like” the Facebook page you’ve created for your business, for example. Once that happens, it means that whenever you add a new piece of content to your Facebook page, it will also be posted to the Facebook walls of everyone who has hit “like” on your page in the past.

The reason this is so important for real estate agents is that it’s an easy way to stay connected to an audience who might not be ready to buy or sell property this month or the next, but who will need to work with a real estate agent at some stage in the future. These people are less likely to sign up for monthly emails or to visit your website on a regular basis, but if you post interesting enough content to your Facebook page, they will keep you in their Facebook news feeds and part of their daily online routines.


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