May 14, 2011

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Website Spotlight:


In yesterday’s Back to Basics article on social media, real estate technology expert David Gibbons mentioned as an example of a real estate website making good use of its content to attract visitors. Today, we’re taking a closer look at this Miami beach real estate website to see what else it does right.

Can Widgets Boost Your Real Estate Website?


We’re firm believers in the value of good content for real estate websites, including information on the latest market movements. One way to include this kind of information is to use a widget from one of the bigger property websites out there.

Agent Strategies: Optimise Those Landing Pages


Today’s strategy comes from Bluegreen Communities, a US real estate company with an eye for good landing page design.

Website Spotlight:


We first heard of today’s website spotlight contender through 1000 Watt Consulting’s Brian Boero, who singled it out as a great example of how photos can enhance a real estate website. We were so impressed with that we decided to highlight it here as well.

Five Things that Will Make Your Visitors Bounce


Visitors who bounce - open your website and leave without even a single click - are not what you want, especially on a real estate website where one of the aims is to gather leads.

An Insider’s Take on Real Estate Website Design


Have you ever wanted to ask a professional website designer for their thoughts on real estate websites? Well today, we’ve done just that by interviewing Jeff Consi, Interface Designer for publisher Classified Ad Ventures.

How to Choose a Great Domain Name


Choosing a domain name for your real estate website can be difficult - you want something snappy and memorable, but you also need to take things like search engine rankings and availability into account. If you’re thinking of setting up a new website for 2011, here are our tips for choosing that all-important name:

Five Tips for Better Calls to Action


If one of the aims of a good real estate website is to capture leads, then effective calls to action are essential. But if your website still isn’t generating as many leads as you’d like, here are five questions to consider:

2011: The Year of Web Design?


If your real estate website now has to convince people before they even land on your homepage, what should your design include?

Six Tips for Website Stickiness


Getting people to come to your website is one thing. Getting them to stay longer than a few seconds before they head back to Facebook or Google is another challenge entirely.