April 29, 2011

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Five Tips for Better Calls to Action

If one of the aims of a good real estate website is to capture leads, then effective calls to action are essential. We’ve seen them done well in previous Website Spotlights, so we know that some agents have this base more than covered. But if your website still isn’t generating as many leads as you’d like, here are five questions to consider about your calls to action:

Is it obvious? One of the best examples of an obvious call to action we’ve seen recently was on Michael Krisa’s thatinterviewguy.com. You might not want to make your calls to action this visible, but it shouldn’t stay buried at the bottom of your “contact us” page either.

What’s the deal? A great way to boost your lead numbers is to offer something to people who do choose to share their contact details with you, such as a free market report. This is much more appealing to visitors than simply filling in a form and waiting to hear back.

Would you fill out your own contact form? Remember that patience on the web is in short supply, so if you wouldn’t take the time to fill in the contact form on your website, chances are you’re losing plenty of leads from others thinking the same thing.

What kind of leads are you looking for? You might only be interested in people who are willing to provide plenty of information about themselves via a lengthy contact form, or you might just want to gather as many email addresses as possible. In either case, make sure your call to action reflects your goal.

Have you tested it? The idea of actually recording how many leads certain calls to action generate might sound excruciatingly dull, but it need only be a matter of noting how many you received in the month before a change, and how many a month later. That way, you’ll know if your new approach is actually working.


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