April 29, 2011

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Does Your Website Generate Leads?

Having hundreds or even thousands of people visit your website every month is one thing, but are those visitors actually converting into leads? If not, here are a few points you need to consider:

Does your website have some kind of lead capture form? Amazingly, there are still real estate websites out there that don’t offer anywhere for website visitors to enter their details. Without this, you’ll miss out on all those people who aren’t motivated enough to call your office, but would be willing to give you a name and email address.

Is your lead capture form visible? Another common problem on real estate websites is that the lead capture form is buried somewhere at the bottom of the “contact us” page. This is definitely better than having none at all, but still relies on a relatively motivated buyer or seller to seek it out. Ideally, some kind of call to action should appear on as many pages of your website as possible.

Are you asking for too much information? An easy way to lose potential leads is to ask them to fill in too many fields when they sign up. You’ll know the feeling from signing up to websites yourself - that quick switch from “maybe I’ll sign up” to “this is too hard!”.  If you think your lead capture form might fall into the “too hard” basket, try cutting down the number of fields and see if your lead numbers increase.

Are you asking the right questions? Think about who your audience is and what questions you need to ask to grab their attention. If you’re targeting sellers, for example, the text above your lead capture form should ask questions like “Are you thinking of selling?” or “Would you like a free home appraisal?” Tailoring your website to the right audience like this should go a long way towards boosting the number of leads you receive.

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