November 26, 2010

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Website Spotlight:

In this week’s website spotlight, we’re taking a look at an offering from Christophe Choo Real Estate Group, which is based in Beverly Hills. includes everything from testimonials to a Yelp integration, local weather, and even a video of a helicopter tour over LA’s most expensive homes. But those features aren’t what we want to highlight today.

By far the best thing about the website - and the aspect almost any real estate agent can replicate - is the way it addresses three key questions that are bound to be on the minds of most home hunters. These are:

1. Where is my next home? The first option presented to’s audience is a listing search that promises to cover all LA properties. The website has taken this one step further by offering email updates to people who register their details.

2. How much is my property worth? What does here is a great compromise. They know offers home valuations in the form of “Zestimates,” so they offer a link to the website. But they also give specific reasons why this valuation might not be accurate, and present users with an alternative - their own property valuation request form. The offer of free email alerts for appropriate properties is repeated above the form to capture extra leads.

3. How is the market? By offering users some real estate market information in the form of graphs for each area, gives its audience a useful overview, but doesn’t tell them everything. This way, people are all the more likely to sign up for the more detailed report offered after these market information “snapshots.”

By offering answers to these questions, your website becomes a valuable resource for local buyers and sellers, giving them a reason to come back time and time again. Address even two out of the three, and you’ll already be well in front of many of your competitors.


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