May 2, 2011

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Back to Basics: What Makes a Good Suburb Profile?


The news that Australian property portal is starting to add suburb profiles to its listing results got us thinking: what makes the difference between a great suburb profile that sells property, and one that never gets viewed all the way through?

The Case for Video Marketing


You know how effective video can be when it comes to marketing real estate, but do your sellers? Perhaps you’re looking for some ideas on how to convince your clients that video is worth the extra investment.

Website Spotlight:


We’ve already seen one original approach to video blogging from Ian Watt, who posts three videos every week as a way to reach out to new prospects and dominate local search results. Today, we’re taking a look at another well established video blog from The John Jones Real Estate Team:

Three Ways to Make Video Listings Work Harder


While not all real estate agents are using video to promote their listings just yet, the number doing so is starting to grow. So before you make “just another video listing,” have a think about these ways you could make your video really stand out:

YouTube Gets Trendy


Looking to share the most popular YouTube video of the moment with your Twitter followers, but don’t know where to start looking for it? YouTube has come up with the solution - YouTube Trends, which tracks the latest viral videos throughout each day.

Four Common YouTube Mistakes to Avoid


In seeking out some great examples of real estate video in action, we’ve also come across plenty of videos that don’t quite measure up for one reason or another. While these mistakes are common, they’re also quite easy to fix.

Previously on Property Ad Guru: Video


With 2010 drawing to a close, real estate agents and industry commentators are busy making their predictions around next year’s technology trends. One trend that is already starting to take off, but has yet to be taken up by the majority of agents, is video.

More Video Listing Inspiration


Following on from our five inspirational real estate videos, today we take a look at three more examples that prove property videos can be much more than photo slideshows.

Five Reasons to Try Out Video


Like, many real estate websites are coming to understand the power of video when it comes to persuading potential clients. But if you’re still wondering whether video is worth the time and effort, consider the following…

Video Listing Tips from Visual Domain


To get an idea of where real estate video is at in Australia and New Zealand, we spoke to Jeremy Bowtell, director of online video marketing company Visual Domain.

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