February 15, 2011

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The Case for Video Marketing

You know how effective video can be when it comes to marketing real estate, but do your sellers? Perhaps you’re looking for some ideas on how to convince your clients that video is worth the extra investment. If so, here are three places you could start:

Good video creates an emotional response. As we saw in our previous examples of great real estate videos, one of the key differences between video and static listing information is that video can get buyers much more excited about a property. Even something a simple as adding music to a video listing will help home hunters see that property in a whole new light.

Buyers are coming to expect video. With more and more property portals adding a video component to their listings, home hunters are getting more used to the idea that they will be able to watch a video well before they turn up at the open house. This is part of a more general trend toward video across the web - for example, YouTube now sees 35 hours of video uploaded to it every minute.

If all else fails, try the slideshow option. For some sellers, the idea that their home is about to be turned into a film set can put them off the video option. If you come up against this problem, you can still take photos and turn these into a slideshow to include with the listing. (For an example of one such photo-to-video service, check out our review of Animoto.)

Of course, nothing will convince sellers more quickly than seeing a high-quality video listing you created for a past client, so make sure to include at least one of these in your listing presentation.

[Image: Damon Duncan]


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  1. Fred Light says:

    Trust me, after doing real estate videos for almost 6 years, sellers don’t need to be convinced of the validity of using video to market properties. Nor do buyers. Buyers and sellers GET video. In a big way.

    There’s only one group that needs convincing: Realtors.

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