January 22, 2011

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Three Ways to Make Video Listings Work Harder

While not all real estate agents are using video to promote their listings just yet, the number doing so is starting to grow. So before you make “just another video listing,” have a think about these ways you could make your video really stand out:

Show off any special features. Property hunters who load up a video listing are looking for something beyond the usual statistics about bedrooms and bathrooms. This is your chance to cover any features that aren’t easy to put across in words, such as the stunning view, relaxing colour scheme, or landscaped garden.

Showcase the lifestyle. The beauty of a video listing is that you can take details like “close to shops” or “great hiking trails nearby” and actually show people what those shops and hiking trails are like. This will definitely take more work than simply walking through the property itself, but it shows potential buyers so much more about the community they’d be moving to.

Put yourself in the picture. While the house needs to remain the hero throughout, it’s a wasted branding opportunity if you neglect to at least include your logo and contact details somewhere in the video. Better yet, put yourself or someone from your office in front of the camera, if only for a few seconds, so viewers get a sense of who they’ll be dealing with if they’re interested in the property.

Have you seen any great video listings recently? Point us in their direction in our comments.

[Image: herbrm]


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