March 3, 2011

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Online Video Continues to Grow


In the past, we’ve looked at the world of online real estate video from a few different angles: how to make a successful video, video blogging or vlogging , video marketing and search engine optimisation, and the overall increase of online video’s popularity.

The latest website to join the online real estate video fray is, created by London based video production company MUXI. The website, which is currently free to join, allows agents to either upload or embed their video property tours, along with other features.

This is one of a number of new websites aiming to provide a service that can tempt agents away from general video sharing websites such as YouTube. In a press release, and MUXI co-founder Veronica Volz argued in favour of specialist real estate video websites:

“YouTube is a catchall for any type of video, and estate agents who use cutting-edge video technology see it as their only resource for sharing their video. But YouTube is so general that anything goes, and that makes it difficult to target buyers, without the buyers having to sift through everything else on the site. solves this dilemma by making a video portal site exclusively designed for property.”

Volz points out that has a social side, with property news, advice, neighbourhood guides and agent profiles as well as chat forums. She also says there are plans to expand the website into 24 languages.

A similar website is the subscription based, which was launched in February this year to promote agent’s video property tours. It offers an analytics feature that allows agents to track the number of times their property has been viewed, marked as a favourite or published on third party websites.

Despite these specialist offerings, there are still many property portals and estate agencies that have bypassed specialist video websites in favour of YouTube. made virtual tours of all their listings available on Youtube in March this year, while US based agency chain Coldwell Banker launched a dedicated YouTube channel in early May.


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  1. Paul says:

    I see no value to sites like this. NO buyer… NONE… will every want to “just’ search real estate videos! Buyers are looking at ALL properties that meet their criteria, not just the 1% that have a video attached! Plus, how current are these videos? Are they ALL still on the market? I highly doubt it. These sites hold videos forever, not CURRENT listings which are constantly updated or removed when sold.

    This business model absolutely makes no sense to me and I can’t see it ever making sense. It just DOESN’T work the way BUYERS work.


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