May 2, 2011

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How to Choose the Right Title for Your Blog Posts


There is one aspect of blogging that can make all the difference: choosing a title that not only grabs people’s attention, but also secures you a place high up in the right search results.

Google’s +1 Changing the SEO Game?


With its newest release, it looks like Google will once again send website owners rushing to search results to check their rankings. The search engine giant is calling its +1 button shorthand for “you should check this out,” but is it really that simple?

Trouble Ahead for Keyword Domain Names?


In a new video in the Google Webmaster Help series Google’s Matt Cutts discusses the pros and cons of keyword domain names. According to Cutts, Google is considering adjusting its algorithm so that keyword domains aren’t given quite as much weight in its rankings.

Previously on Property Ad Guru: SEO


If you’ve found your website has lost rankings due to Google’s recent changes, or if you just want to double-check that everything is in order for your website’s SEO, check out these previous posts:

Google Highlights Hotpot: What Does it Say About You?


If you haven’t checked what Hotpot says about your business yet, Google’s latest move makes it all the more important to do so.

As Google Changes, it Pays to Check Your Rankings


Most changes to Google’s ranking algorithms go unnoticed by the wider web, but a recent change targeting duplicate content has some industry commentators warning of significant shifts in rankings.

How Many Keywords is Too Many?


We all know zeroing in on the right keywords is crucial for real estate website SEO, but do you know how many keywords you should be using per page or blog post to get your SEO just right? Today we’ll look at striking the right balance between helpful keyword use and “keyword stuffing.”

Five Key Steps from Ad to Lead


Now that you understand what search engine marketing is and the common SEM mistakes you should avoid, we’ll take you through the steps to create good SEM that converts clicks into real estate leads.

Simple Ways to Attract More Links


In last week’s SEO Tips for Tight Budgets, we heard Google’s advice on how to climb search engine rankings without breaking the bank. Part of Google’s advice was to give people strong reasons to link to your real estate website, as more links means a more authoritative page. But how do you go about doing this, exactly?

SEM Ad Copy that Works


We know that not everyone can spot a paid ad in search engine results, and that search engine marketing isn’t as daunting as it might sound at first. So for those real estate agents now ready to take the leap into SEM, we decided to seek out some good examples of search engine ads for real estate.

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