April 26, 2011

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Google Highlights Hotpot: What Does it Say About You?

It’s now been a few months since Google launched Hotpot - a service that combines Google Places with reviews and emphasises social sharing. When we first reviewed Hotpot, we found that some real estate agencies could already boast positive ratings, while others had negative reviews to contend with.

If you haven’t checked what Hotpot says about your business yet, Google’s latest move makes it all the more important to do so. “You can now enjoy Hotpot recommendations in your regular search results on google.com,” the search engine explains.

What this means is that a search such as “real estate agent Ann Arbor” shows up Google’s Place pages for the businesses in the results, as well as any available reviews. As expected, we found both positive and negative reviews in these search results.

Hotpot’s increased visibility is just one more reason to check how your business appears in Google’s search results. If you do comes across any negative reviews, don’t panic - read our guide on responding here.


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