May 2, 2011

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Back to Basics: Building a Social Media Plan


Still unsure how to establish a social media presence for your real estate business? Then take a look through this advice from David Gibbons, general manager of business development at real estate technology company Korbitec, on how property professionals should start out.

How to Choose the Right Title for Your Blog Posts


There is one aspect of blogging that can make all the difference: choosing a title that not only grabs people’s attention, but also secures you a place high up in the right search results.

Agent Strategies: Real Estate Blogging that Works


Today’s Agent Strategy comes from Heather Elias, the US real estate agent behind the impressive blog

What Does Century21 Blog About?


Real estate agents who’ve been blogging for a year or two might be surprised to learn that Century 21 has only recently launched its official blog for the US under the banner @C21 – Home Matters.

How Do You Measure ROI in Blogging?


Calculating the return-on-investment from social media efforts such as blogging is something of a thorny topic. Some agents argue that any online marketing activity that doesn’t result in more customers is a waste of time, while others emphasise the importance of more long-range factors such as reputation and influence.

Four Ways to Promote Your Blog


If you’ve been working hard to write interesting, useful blog posts a couple of times a week, but aren’t seeing any improvements in the number of leads your blog generates, it might be time to look at boosting your blog with a new promotional strategy.

What’s So Good About a Blog?


Here at, we use the WordPress blogging software available through to put together our site. If you haven’t joined the WordPress team already, we think there are a few good reasons you should consider doing so.

How Blog Comments Can Generate Leads


Real estate agents hear almost daily about how blogging can help their business, but what about the other side of the equation - commenting on other blogs?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Blog Commenting


At best, a bad comment will be deleted by a website’s moderator, but at worst it will be approved and displayed to anyone who reads that particular post any time in the future. To avoid all that, follow these simple rules:

Back to Basics: How Will Blogging Help You?


As we near the end of 2010, our more tech-focused readers could be forgiven for thinking that every real estate agent is running their own blog by now. But by talking and listening to agents we know that, unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

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