April 23, 2011

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Blog Commenting

While social media has evolved at lightning speed over the past few years, people haven’t forgotten how effective a good blog post can be, or stopped commenting on blogs. From a real estate agent’s perspective, commenting is useful because it increases online visibility, provides a platform to share knowledge with a new audience, and generates backlinks, which boost SEO.

All that said, agents do need to be careful not to post the wrong kinds of blog comments. At best, a bad comment will be deleted by a website’s moderator, but at worst it will be approved and displayed to anyone who reads that particular post any time in the future. To avoid all that, follow these simple rules:

Add something new to the conversation, rather than just repeating what’s already been said.
Link back to your website when you fill out your details.
Explain why you agree or disagree with what the blogger has written.

Jump in and post without reading previous comments.
Write “nice post” and leave it at that - this looks like you are only interested in the backlink your comment generates.
Write anything that could be seen as defamatory.

Any agent who runs their own blog will probably have many more suggestions when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of commenting. Let us know your tips and thoughts below.


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