May 14, 2011

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Free SEO Analysis from Website Grader


There are a large number of free online tools you can use to get started on improving your SEO, but they do vary in quality. One of the better options is HubSpot’s Website Grader.

Find Shortcuts in Your Day with Keyoobi


We thought we’d covered all the essential iPad apps for real estate agents until we came across Keyoobi, which was created especially for people who spend a lot of time driving between appointments.

fbPressPage Brings Your Blog to Facebook


Just launched by the team at Agent Evolution, fbPressPage takes the content from your WordPress site and adds it to your Facebook page as a tab or set of tabs.

Could Group Buying Work in Real Estate?


Many of our readers will already be signed up to some kind of group buying website, whether it’s the giant Groupon or one of its many smaller cousins. But can this model work in the real estate industry?

Five More iPad Essentials for Agents


Following on from our top 10 list of iPad apps for real estate agents, today we’re taking a look at five more apps you may not have heard about that could streamline your work day.

Highlight Your Online Reviews with Faceified


When it comes to online reviews, finding out what past clients have written is only half the battle for real estate agents. The next issue is making sure future clients see your positive reviews.

Track Your Website Visitors with Mouseflow


There are plenty of options out there for agents who want to get a sense of what’s working - and what’s not - on their website. One of these services is Mouseflow.

Going Back to the Newspaper with


Lately we’ve been noticing quite a few Twitter updates from real estate agents linking to their very own online newspapers, created with a free application called

Blogging for the Very Busy: Tumblr


Today, we’re taking a look at a blogging tool that could work well for on-the-go agents with very little time to spare: Tumblr.

Create Website Forms Fast with Wufoo


Are your website visitors mostly buyers or sellers? Where are they looking to move to next? What are their real estate queries? If you don’t know the answers to these questions - but wish you did - website form builder Wufoo could be for you.