May 10, 2011

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Five More iPad Essentials for Agents

Following on from our top 10 list of iPad apps for real estate agents, today we’re taking a look at five more apps you may not have heard about that could streamline your work day.

WritePad ($9.99): While it is pricer than many apps, WritePad is particularly impressive in that it takes the keyboard out of the equation and allows you to write on the iPad’s screen with a stylus or even your finger. The video below shows how it turns your notes into a document that you can edit on screen:

TimeBook ($0.99): If you spend ages sifting through notes on how much time you spent on certain tasks throughout the day, TimeBook can make things simpler. Not only does it record time, but it lets you write notes on that recording and view a detailed history of your tasks.

Alarmed (free): Spending way too long on Facebook when you really should be writing your next blog post or email newsletter? Then download this app to set up reminder alerts, including the hard-to-ignore “nag me” reminder.

Trickle for Twitter ($0.99): Trickle’s philosophy is that Twitter doesn’t need to be quite so intense. To make the constant stream of tweets more manageable, it displays them one at a time. You can see it in action here, and download a version for Facebook here.

PhotoLoader HD ($2.99): This app allows you to upload batches of photos to Facebook straight from your iPad, as well as add captions, rotate your photos, organise them using gestures, and much more. When it comes to showing these photos, you can use PhotoLoader’s full-screen photo album viewer, which is complete with swipe and pinch features.

Any essential apps for agents that we’ve missed? Let us know in our comments.


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