April 23, 2011

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10 Essential iPad Apps for Agents

Is your new iPad currently lying unused on the kitchen table, or languishing in its box? Then chances are you haven’t downloaded the right apps to unlock its full potential. Here are our top 10 suggestions for real estate agents looking to get the most out of their iPad:

Skype (free): Yes, the app that makes phones that much more obsolete is available for your iPad. Free calls and chat Skype-to-Skype, along with low-cost calls and text to phones (including international numbers) make this app a must have.

Evernote (free): Evernote’s goal is to “help you remember anything and everything that happens in your life.” Use it to create text, audio and video “notes,”  search through them when you get back to the office, and synch them to your computer.

HootSuite (free): We already know how useful HootSuite is for dealing with multiple Twitter accounts, so this is the perfect app for agents who want to keep their tweets organised.

Remember the Milk (free): While Evernote is great for capturing notes and ideas on the fly, Remember the Milk does the more mundane job of organising your to-do list. But rather than just list tasks, this app lets you set priorities, due dates, time estimates, repeating, and tags.

Friendly Plus ($0.99): With HootSuite taking care of Twitter, you’re also going to need an app to cover Facebook. That’s where Friendly Plus comes in, complete with online chat, photo upload, and pin code access.

WordPress (free): Now that you know what a great blogging platform WordPress is, why not download the iPad app so you can blog wherever you are?

Pages ($9.99): Of course, in amongst all the blogging and online social networking you will sometimes need to sit down with a word processor. With Pages, you can create simple documents as well as things like newsletters, reports, brochures, and flyers.

Keynote ($9.99): If you’re planning to use your iPad to create listing presentations, Keynote is what you’ll need to make an impression on your next seller.

Numbers ($9.99): Like Pages and Keynote, Numbers is a little pricer than most iPad apps, but if you spend a lot of time working on spreadsheets you’ll need to add it to your arsenal. Along with making spreadsheets, you can also use Numbers to create tables and charts, and add photos and graphics.

Mail (built-in): If you haven’t done so already, it pays to spend some time setting up Mail to access all your email accounts. The nice thing about this app is that you can view all your new mail in one unified inbox, even if you have a few accounts on the go.

Have we missed any apps you think real estate agents need to look into? Let us know which ones are working for you in our comments.


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