March 24, 2011

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Mobile Apps, Created by You

Mobile’s momentum continues to build this month with the release of another search application and a collection of new app creation options emerging for smaller players.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Executive, a real estate firm in Western Washington, is covering all bases with its new smartphone application. The app is available on standard cell phones and smartphones across all mobile carriers including the iPhone, BlackBerry devices, Android devices, and Palm Pre and Pixi. According to the company, that’s 95 percent of cell phones across all mobile carriers.

The app was created in partnership with Smarter Agent, a company that made a splash with the release of its Homes for Sale app back in May last year. As well as working with real estate firms, Smarter Agent does offer single agent accounts from US$49.95 per month. But what if you’re not keen to invest quite that much in a mobile application? Are there any cheaper options available?

We’ve talked before about free mobile website creation options, but when it comes to apps, things haven’t been quite so accessible. Luckily for app enthusiasts, it looks like that’s starting to change. A couple of startups at this year’s DEMO Spring 2010 event are attracting attention for their fresh approach to apps.

Let’s start with AppWhirl. This very new service - currently in invite-only mode - promises to let anyone make their own iPhone app for free in “about five minutes”. The creators told they hope to make app creation “virtually free” for everyone.

Co-founder Richard Jordan went so far as to compare app creation now to website creation in the mid-1990s. Back then, only a skilled few could create websites, but now almost anyone can set one up in minutes. Jordan sees app development going down the same path.

AppWhirl isn’t the only company looking to make app building easier. SwebApps promises the ability to make an app in minutes, and hosts it for a monthly fee of $25. For an extra $10, SwebApps can also track data related to the usage of your app. AppMakr is another possibility, however their prices are higher. They charge $199 to publish your app for you, or $499 to let you publish under your own brand.

Those looking to try out app creation without paying anything to start with might consider BuildAnApp, which lets you build your own app for multiple platforms on a 30 day free trial.

Still wondering whether a mobile app is worth the trouble?’s Rob Weber offers some compelling arguments for apps, explaining that iPhone and iPod touch users are engaged with their apps for an average of 79 to 80 minutes per day. Weber also points to the success of movie website Flixster, which more than doubled its mobile user base in 2009 through the use of mobile apps.

As always, we’re keen to hear from any agents who have experience creating their own app. Let us know what the challenges were, and whether the app brought in more business.


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