April 26, 2011

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Find Shortcuts in Your Day with Keyoobi

We thought we’d covered all the essential iPad apps for real estate agents until we came across Keyoobi, which was created especially for people who spend a lot of time driving between appointments. Promising to help you “do more and stress less,” this could be the app that makes the most difference to a busy agent’s day.

In a nutshell
Keyoobi takes information from both your calendar and contacts to plot your appointments on a map, then shows the most efficient route between them. Routes with sufficient travel time are displayed in green, while those that you’ll be cutting close appear in red, and these are updated as you travel.

Keyoobi has that “killer app” combo: a simple idea, well-executed, that actually helps the people who use it. Even if you never use its more advanced features, such as the ability to display colour-coded groups of contacts, we have a feeling Keyoobi will quickly become one of your most-used apps.

The main problem we can see with Keyoobi is the temptation to keep glancing down at the iPad when your eyes should be on the road! Joking aside, there is a small cost involved, but at $4.99 Keyoobi is still one of the cheaper productivity apps on the market.

Have you been using Keyoobi to streamline your day? Let us know how it’s working for you in our comments.


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