October 11, 2011

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Going Back to the Newspaper with paper.li


Lately we’ve been noticing quite a few Twitter updates from real estate agents linking to their very own online newspapers, created with a free application called paper.li.

Blogging for the Very Busy: Tumblr


Today, we’re taking a look at a blogging tool that could work well for on-the-go agents with very little time to spare: Tumblr.

Create Website Forms Fast with Wufoo


Are your website visitors mostly buyers or sellers? Where are they looking to move to next? What are their real estate queries? If you don’t know the answers to these questions - but wish you did - website form builder Wufoo could be for you.

Social Profiles Made Simple: about.me

We heard about the dangers of spreading yourself too thin on social media in yesterday’s Agent Strategies, but for those agents who do have a number of active social profiles and want to showcase them in one place, about.me could be the answer.

Email Tool Review: PreviewMyEmail


You’ve seen them in your inbox before - email newsletters that are missing pictures, full of error messages, or just plain blank. If you’ve ever stopped to wonder whether your email looks like this to some of your own subscribers, you might want to check out PreviewMyEmail.

Social Tool Review: SocialBios


How long has it been since you updated your real estate website’s “about us” page? If your answer is “too long” you might want to look into inman.com award winner SocialBios - a new service claiming to provide “the ultimate ‘about us’ page that brings together all of your social network profile information in one place.”

10 Essential iPad Apps for Agents


Is your new iPad currently lying unused on the kitchen table, or languishing in its box? Then chances are you haven’t downloaded the right apps to unlock its full potential. Here are our top 10 suggestions for real estate agents looking to get the most out of their iPad:

Twitter Tool Review: Who Gives a Tweet?


When it comes to Twitter, everyone has an opinion on what makes a good tweet. But what if you could get feedback from real people on whether your tweets are worth reading? That’s the slightly unsettling idea behind free Twitter application Who Gives a Tweet?

Social Media Tool Review: HootSuite


Do you find you’re spending too much time switching back and forth between multiple Twitter accounts, trying to keep up with the streams of tweets coming through by the hour? If so, you’ll almost certainly be interested in HootSuite.

Facebook App Review: stik.com


stik.com is a Facebook-based application inspired by the saying “stick to who you know.” The app has a heavy emphasis on real estate, which means it’s one agents should at least be familiar with.