June 9, 2011

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Twitter Tool Review: Who Gives a Tweet?

When it comes to Twitter, everyone has an opinion on what makes a good tweet. But what if you could get feedback from real people on whether your tweets are worth reading? That’s the slightly unsettling idea behind free Twitter application Who Gives a Tweet?

In a nutshell:
Who Gives a Tweet first asks for access to your Twitter account, then asks you to rate 10 strangers’ tweets and 10 tweets from friends. The ratings - “not worth reading,” “ok” and “worth reading” - are anonymous, and also include space for a short comment. Once you’ve filled out these 20 ratings, you then get access to your own feedback, which continues to be updated as more people use the service.

Who Gives a Tweet doesn’t cost anything, and the anonymous nature of the service means you’re sure to see some brutally honest feedback. Think of it as a kind of “health check” for your tweets, allowing you to find out exactly what is and isn’t working.

Of course, anonymity leaves this service open to faked responses, and we have a feeling that negative responses are going to be much more common than those praising tweets for their originality and insight. Do you dare put your tweets to the test?

There’s plenty of advice out there about how to tweet (We’ve gone so far as to write up 10 Tips for Real Estate Agents Using Twitter), but few services offer you a free, personalised tweet review. We look forward to hearing from any Who Gives a Tweet users in our comments.


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