June 15, 2011

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Get More (Valuable) Twitter Followers

Type “get more Twitter followers” into Google and you’ll quickly realise that the business of boosting people’s follower numbers is booming. But if the idea of paying for followers - who may or may not be reading your tweets - doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of things you can do to add to your audience and build a following that cares about your message. Here’s what we see working for real estate agents on Twitter:

1. Create: To build an engaged audience, you need to start by offering people something they can be engaged with. So ask yourself: What are your tweets offering your followers? Would you subscribe to your own tweets? If not, how can you change your approach to make your tweets more interesting?

2. Connect: Re-tweet anything you think your followers might benefit from reading, and be sure to use the @ symbol to mention other Twitter users and grab their attention. Joining a conversation by using hash tags is another excellent way to get your tweets in front of more potential followers. (For our guide on how to use all these Twitter commands, click here.)

3. Follow: There’s nothing wrong with following people in the hope that they will follow you back, unless you’re doing this indiscriminately. Make sure you’re following people who you actually want to attract, rather than a random selection from other people’s follower lists or search results.

4. Monitor: As you start to create more interesting content, connect with other users and follow new people, keep a close eye on your follower count. It’s a good idea to keep a running tally and note whether your follower count is going up or down, and to re-assess if your approach isn’t having the desired effect.

5. Listen: While it might sound counter-intuitive, listening is probably the most powerful thing you can do when it comes to building your follower base. What is it that your audience is most concerned with? What questions do they want answers to? What do they need more information on? Respond to all this in your tweets, and you should soon see that follower count shoot up.

Have you used any other approaches to gain more followers on Twitter? Let us know your thoughts and ideas in our comments.


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