September 23, 2011

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Social Tool Review: SocialBios

How long has it been since you updated your real estate website’s “about us” page? If your answer is “too long” you might want to look into award winner SocialBios - a new service claiming to provide “the ultimate ‘about us’ page that brings together all of your social network profile information in one place.”

In a nutshell:
What SocialBios does is take all the information on your social media profiles and show it to website visitors on one page. This page can then be set up to appear whenever someone clicks through to your “about us” section, showing them all your contact details - along with common friends and interests - without them having to leave your website.

SocialBios says it only takes 90 seconds to set up a profile, and individuals can use it for free. But perhaps the strongest reason for agents to use SocialBios is the way it shows website visitors how they might already know you, creating an instant connection.

If you’ve already put a lot of work into your “about us” page, you might not be interested in switching to a service like SocialBios, especially if you find you need to sign up for the monthly subscription fee charged to organisations and companies. Also, we wouldn’t recommend this service to agents who don’t have a firm handle on effective social media use yet, as your SocialBios page will reveal all your latest tweets and status updates to potential clients.

Have you tried out SocialBios yet? Let us know your thoughts on the service in our comments.


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  1. Ernie Graham says:

    thanks for the review. couple of things to note:

    -user gets to select which, if any, networks they want to retrieve status updates/tweets for display. (also, you can turn the status update feature off completely.

    -we’re working on a new iframe “sectioning” feature which will allow a user/group to use any piece of a socialbio page in any page of their website. (e.g. utilize existing about us page but just display the matching display on that page!)

    Ernie Graham (


  1. [...] Inc has just announced its acquisition of SocialBios, an award-winning social search platform that allows for the creation of interactive “about [...]

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