September 23, 2011

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SocialBios Now One of Move’s Products

We first reviewed SocialBios back in February, after it picked up the Inman Connect NYC “Best Tech Startup” award. Now, this social media service is back in the news after being snapped up by operator Move, Inc.

We don’t know how much Move paid for SocialBios, but what we do know is that this acquisition is a big step towards Move becoming more focused on the social side of the web. As Move puts it, “The acquisition of SocialBios points to our acceleration into the area of social and its integration into the real estate search experience throughout our online real estate network.”

It’s not yet clear what the acquisition will mean for the SocialBios product itself, which allows agents to display all their social profiles on a single “about us” page that also shows viewers how they might already be connected to that agent. For now, founder Ernie Graham and co-founders Ira McMahon and Andrew Van Tassel have joined Move’s product development team, and Move says it will be using the platform to “develop products that connect people with real estate professionals based on the links between their on and offline social networks.”

Have you been using SocialBios to promote yourself to potential real estate clients? Let us know your thoughts on this acquisition below.


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