April 6, 2011

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Facebook App Review: stik.com

stik.com is a Facebook-based application inspired by the saying “stick to who you know.” The app has a heavy emphasis on real estate, which means it‚Äôs one agents should at least be familiar with.

In a nutshell:
Once users have shared their basic information with stik.com, the app allows them to see their Facebook friends’ recommendations for or against professionals. Real estate agents are included in its database and sorted by personalised results based on shared connections, location, or recommendations. Once buyers and sellers have found an agent they are interested in, they can send that agent messages from within stik.com itself.

stik.com says the average Facebook user has 200 friends and 40,000 friends-of-friends, and argues that professionals who use it will be able to turn this social network into a referral network. The app is also free to use, unless you decide to promote your profile through its premium advertising options.

At the moment, stik.com mainly covers professionals in the US, so it may not be all that useful to agents looking to reach clients in other markets. And while the app is linked to Facebook, it still has some way to go in terms of brand recognition, which means your profile could sit on stik.com for quite a while before it generates any leads for your business.

That said, the stik.com concept is a sound one, so agents looking for another way to market their business through Facebook should at least spend a few moments checking it out.


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