November 26, 2010

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New Study Shows Where Facebook Users Focus

The results of a new study by Irish company Mulley Communications give an insight into when Facebook users are most likely to pay attention to ads within the social network.

To gather this information, Mulley used a technology that monitored the eye movements of study participants as they looked at their Facebook news walls, profiles and business pages.

What the company found was that a majority of users - 71 percent - looked at Facebook ads when they appeared on their profile pages. That said, only 31 percent looked at ads that appeared next to their Facebook news walls.

In the video below, you can see heat map of exactly where the participants focused while looking at their news walls, and at their profile pages:

Watching the video, its clear Facebook users aren’t completely bypassing the ads on their profile pages, but that there are plenty of other things that draw their attention away. So how do you create a Facebook ad that stands out?

Tim Kendall, director of monetization for Facebook, has just shared his thoughts on this topic in an interview with Kendall advises that Facebook advertisers look to their Facebook page for inspiration, using what works there as the backbone for their paid ads.

Kendall adds that the freshness of the ad’s content is also a factor. ”We do find that with people who don’t change their ads or images, performance tends to drop over a long period of time,” Kendall says, advising that advertisers “change the targeting or at least the creative” once enthusiasm starts to drop off.

For more Facebook advertising tips, check out Facebook’s own guide to its ads here.


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