May 26, 2011

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Great Examples of Effective Facebook Pages

Sobox editorial consultant Richard Fellner has tipped us off to a great article on effective Facebook pages for business at

Facebook’s continued popularity means more and more real estate agencies are making the network part of their online marketing plan.’s examples show just how far businesses can go to attract and engage users.

“Merely having a presence on Facebook isn’t enough,” Fellner says. “Your Facebook page is like a mini shopfront.”

Perhaps the best example for real estate agencies - particularly those working with a small or even non-existent social media budget - is The Menu Group’s strategy.

This company simply reached out to its fans and asked for suggestions to improve its Facebook page. Less than two hours later, the company had four suggestions to consider, and a clearer idea of what its customers wanted. It’s that kind of immediacy which makes Facebook - and social media as a whole - so useful.


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