May 24, 2011

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Agent Strategies: Reaching the Community via Facebook

Is your real estate agency’s Facebook page being ignored? Then consider this strategy from Australian agency Beach & Bay Realty, who are seeing plenty of success with their local Facebook page. Rachael Lord, the agency’s marketing and social media strategist, explains how this came about:

After trying for ages to find a way to connect with our audience through our company Facebook  page, Beach & Bay Realty, we had a long think about whether this was really suitable. I considered the businesses I personally “liked” on Facebook and not one of them was a company that offered a service such as real estate, mortgage services, banks etc. All just a bit too boring for my news feed!

Looking at the sites I did connect with via social networking, they all had a familiar quality – events, interaction and offers. So we used this idea and ran with it, coming up with the I Love Cronulla Facebook page.

This is a community-based Facebook page which we run. Staff from the office search for local news content, take photos, videos and write blogs. We regularly interview local people who are achieving great things - charities, and other business owners – shining the spotlight on them and showing we appreciate them. It’s a great way to share information related to Cronulla, one of our focus suburbs for selling real estate. It’s furthering our knowledge of the area and we get to virtually meet so many residents.

As well as this, we have informally partnered with a number of other businesses, offering cross promotion and deals. An example - Cronulla Cinemas offers us four double passes to the movies every month which we offer as giveaways on Humpday Wednesday or Fridays.

In just six months our Facebook page has grown to have nearly 600 “likers”. The statistics are great and the page is getting over 25,000 views per month. Not everyone comments and interacts but our content is showing up in a serious number of news feeds. As well as this, when people come in to collect their prizes, we get to meet new potential clients.

Compare this to our static company page which still has fewer than 90 likers after 18 months and you can see why engaging in an interesting, not to mention fun community page is the way to go. We very rarely post links to our listings unless they are specifically relevant, but we do mention things happening at the office, and as staff members make comments, the community is getting to know our personalities. (Great for an office like ours who refuse to have our photos on listings, signage etc.)

Oh and did we mention that it’s an awesome way to showcase our blog posts, which generates direct traffic to our website and has caused Facebook to be our second biggest referring site after Google!


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  1. Kylie Emans says:

    This has taken our small business to the next level, as real estate agents we are natural networkers and relationship builders but facebook takes it too a much bigger audience. I am loving our facebook page, there is so much happening in Cronulla and nearby and it is a great way to maximise every minute in this gorgeous area.

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