May 24, 2011

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US real estate website released a set of Facebook tabs last week, going some way towards solving the problems with posting listings in Facebook news feeds. The question is, will real estate agents jump on board or shy away from having so much branding on their own Facebook pages?

In a nutshell has created four free tabs - listings, local information, contact information, and ratings/reviews - that can be added to an agent’s Facebook business and community pages. “By integrating Zillow’s Facebook Tabs into your Facebook business page you can provide valuable real estate information (your current listings, reviews from clients, and local real estate trend information) to your network, and then capture potential client contact information for future follow-up and client conversion,” explains. An example tab is below:

For agents who do have information on, this is an easy way to display that information to their Facebook audience without clogging up people’s news feeds with listings and market updates. The contact form is also very important, as it gives agents another way to boost their lead numbers.

For these tabs to be useful, you’ll need to have a relatively large community of people who regularly interact with your business Facebook page. As we saw in yesterday’s Agent Strategies, this can be difficult to achieve, as it takes a lot for people to hit “like” on a Facebook business page.

What’s your take on these new Facebook tabs? Would you add them to your business page? Let us know in our comments.


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  1. Do any other offices in Australia use Zillow? It looks as though it’s only available in America?

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