June 8, 2011

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fbPressPage Brings Your Blog to Facebook

While there are ways to showcase your blog’s content on Facebook - publishing a link to your latest post each day, for example - the fact is that most real estate agents have to spend time updating both their blog and their Facebook page to make each worthwhile. Now, fbPressPage has come on the market to change all that.

In a nutshell:
Just launched by the team at Agent Evolution, fbPressPage takes the content from your WordPress site and adds it to your Facebook page as a tab or set of tabs.

“As a Facebook Page Admin, you’re faced with the challenge of trying to provide content (listings, community, neighborhood, market data, etc) on your Facebook Page, or searching for the right app that will attempt to do it for you,” explains co-creator Nicole Nicolay. “fbPressPage gives you the ability to customize your Facebook Page Tab with your WordPress content and features…and you can do it right from the WordPress admin.”

As this example page shows, fbPressPage really does make a big difference to the run-of-the-mill Facebook page. All the bases are covered, from featured properties and a listing search to contact details and links back to the agent’s website.

At US$199 per page, cost will be a stumbling block for some agents, and the platform is aimed at a US audience. Obviously, agents who aren’t using WordPress to run their blogs won’t be able to take advantage of the service, and it is geared towards those using the Genesis framework, however Agent Evolution say they can help agents using other WordPress platforms.

Are you one of the agents who has tried out fbPressPage already? Let us know how it’s working for you in our comments.


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