May 26, 2011

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Agent Strategies: Share Your Information

This week’s agent strategy comes from - an Australian agency located in Cronulla, Sydney.

Rachael Lord, the agency’s marketing and social media strategist, told us that sharing information on local auction results has paid off in a big way.

“Sick of unreliable and often missing auction results for our local area, we decided to start tracking them ourselves,” Lord explains.

“Our agents attend auctions, we make follow up phone calls and track auctions until they are sold. It’s very time consuming, but we have found it to be rewarding.”

“We get hundreds of hits a month on our auction results page alone,” Lord adds. “Anyone who types in ‘Cronulla auction results’ or certain properties will end up at our website, and we get clients asking for specific results.”’s strategy is another great example of how sharing local information can work to agents’ advantage. So ask yourself: What information could you share? The answer might just bring about that audience boost you’ve been waiting for.


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  1. Rachael Lord says:

    Hi Alice,

    We’ve ramped up our social media use in the last year. We now host a directory site on our website which lists upcoming events in the area. As well as this, we run a hugely popular facebook called “I Love Cronulla”

    (The suburb where we sell most of our properties). This has nearly 600 fans and is interacted with on a daily basis. I’d love to do another story with you if you have the time.

    Please get in contact if you are interested!

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