March 6, 2011

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Agent Strategies: Keeping them Interested

In this week’s Agent Strategies, we hear from Queensland real estate agent Bianca Moeschinger of Vode Property. Vode have just signed up for ListGlobally, the worldwide property listing service run by publisher Classified Ad Ventures.

“My business grows organically, through word of mouth, referrals and curiosity,” Moeschinger says, pointing out that once you have visitors on your website, you have to give them information that’s interesting enough to keep them there.

“You need to become the person that is active, full of information, achieves results, and most importantly is not showing any signs of trying to gain something from the reader,” Moeschinger adds, explaining that people are sensitive to website copy that sounds too much like a sales pitch. “You want them to make the decision as to whether they will appoint you or spend their money based on your merit. You need to ‘wow’ them with results and let them see all the other people that have used your service - we have a sheep mentality and if others are doing it they will too!”

Moeschinger also advises getting into the mindset of an online consumer to guide your blog content and business promotion, arguing that simplicity is key. Within the Vode Property blog, Moeschinger aims to use specific keywords to improve her Google rankings, and to keep all the content posted to her blog, Facebook, and Twitter profiles as positive as possible.

As a final tip, Moeschinger advocates including an email link at the end of each blog post, which is something we have been promoting for some time. Finishing with a good call to action gives readers a “next step” that can keep them circulating on your website, rather than moving on to the next online location.

Do you have a real estate marketing strategy you’d like to share? Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’ll feature you in our next agent strategies article.


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