March 5, 2011

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Agent Strategies: A Real Estate Marketing Mix

This week’s agent strategy comes from Daniel J. Hunter, a Realtor working in New Port Richey, Florida, with Fruits Real Estate. Along with two paid services, Hunter says he has been getting plenty of business from real estate blogging:

“I love as it is a cheap way to generate a modest amount of leads. But the best part of it, which is why I direct my prospects to it, is that they can set up their own search. The site stores the results for review anytime and is updated daily. It has a great CMA tool with grapics and photos. It’s also great for sellers as they get to see what is going on with the competition daily updates.

I love Point2Agent (Point2Homes) just for how much automatic Internet syndication it gives my listings. It takes longer to load a property than MLS or other sites, but the spiderweb of places it exposes my lisitings on is priceless. They also have a tool that generates branded and unbranded virtual tours from the pictures I upload.

Lastly, ActiveRain is my hands-down favourite. I have learned more in one year there than I have in my five year career. I now have thousands of mentors.

Blogging is an investment though. It took almost a year for me to find my voice (still working on that) and it takes time to learn SEO, which ActiveRain and its members freely share with members. Yesterday, to avoid ‘dirty Google juice,’ I went on a computer I never use and searched one of my target long tail keywords: ‘New Port Richey Market Report’.  I had four hits on the front page of Bing.

I was shocked as we have been taught only Google SEO. They have informed me of using hyperlocal content to get prospects that are closer to buying. Thankfully I am in an area where ActiveRain is not popular with the industry. I am number one in my town, number three in my county, and in the top 100 in Florida out of almost 20,000 ActiveRain members.

In the last two months I have generated the possibility of $500,000 in business from my blogging - two referrals from ActiveRain and two buyers. I have done no print advertising in over a year. And I am heavily leveraged in social media. In my blog you can see some of the Facebook pages I have created. This generated 200 organic fans/likes.”

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