March 5, 2011

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Agent Strategies: A Social Media Combo

Does your social media strategy focus on one particular platform, or do you have a presence in multiple social spaces?

For this week’s Agent Strategies, we stepped just outside the real estate agent realm to speak to Phoenix-based mortgage consultant David Krushinsky. Krushinsky is behind, and says his online marketing success has come through using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as focusing on website SEO and blogging.

“My definition of success may be different than what another’s interpretation is,” Krushinsky explains, highlighting the importance of having a clear marketing plan. “To me, I view success as generating leads which result in future business or future referral business.”

Krushinsky goes on to say that the various online marketing channels available to agents are especially effective when used together, and that each has a particular strength.

“SEO helps me to generate business consumer-direct. It takes time to develop, but it’s probably my preferred method to keep my sales strategy consistent,” he says. “Blogging strengthens my credibility as an expert, and helps me explain the complicated process of financing a home in today’s tough credit market.” Krushinsky’s blog, which focuses on mortgages in the Phoenix market, is a good example of a niche blog that uses keywords to bring in the traffic.

Krushinsky adds that Facebook and LinkedIn can be used to push blog posts to his sphere of influence, while Twitter puts him in contact with a wider audience that he is less familiar with.

“With the use of Twitter, large media outlets, such as The Wall Street Journal, have contacted me to publish my content about the current Phoenix Real Estate market,” he explains. “This has helped to establish me as a local expert.”

Do you have a real estate marketing strategy you’d like to share? Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’ll feature you in the next instalment of Agent Strategies.


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