November 26, 2010

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Agent Strategies: A Charitable Niche

A few months ago, guest blogger Ryan Hinricher wrote about the importance of finding a specific niche to stay competitive in your real estate market. We’ve found a great example of this in Australian residential agency Habitat Property.

Habitat, which covers Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, donates 20 percent of commissions to Habitat for Humanity.

“The philosophy of Habitat Property is that ‘the property industry should be ethical, that you should get better service, and that no-one in this world should be without shelter - a basic human need,’” the agency explains.

Along with its charitable approach, Habitat is also aiming to stand out through a “down to earth” social media strategy.

“Being well aware of how many ‘fans’ of companies quickly tire of hearing same ol’ same ol’ selling information, Habitat has taken a different approach to the opinions and local news it shares with its readers and clients,” explains Cheraine Milburn, Habitat’s managing director.

“Instead of producing generic ‘sales and real estate’ related information that fans soon find dull, we have our own journalist who creates interactive and relevant information for our blog,” Cheraine adds. “This ensures not only repeating fan visits, but a sense of goodwill and referral business to Habitat Property.”

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  1. Rachael Lord says:

    What a fantastic idea! That’s inspiring.

  2. Fabulous agency, incredible work ethic and heart’s certainly beating to the right tune with Habitat for Humanity. I am proud to work with this business. To find out more about online representation with a natural feel that will engage your clients in a true sense, visit my business site for Ruby Slipper Consultants. We’re magical.

  3. I’m interested to see the content and the blog for Habitat - I think it’s clever they’ve identified a territory they can clearly own. All real estate agents should be working to do the same, and be looking to differentiate themselves in their markets.
    I agree it’s important to have a blend of interesting and relevant content, some real estate related, and some local news/events to engage the audience and community.
    I guess what’s most interesting is to see the level of interaction your content generates - there don’t seem to be many comments on the blog - I couldn’t find any? I’m sure that’s not a reflection of people not liking the content. I think some Australian’s are prolific in this regard, and others just don’t feel the need.
    What are others views on this?

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