March 24, 2011

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Using Google Keywords for More Traffic

Of all Google’s free tools, Google Keywords might be the most useful for real estate agents looking for more website traffic. Used correctly, it can turn what might have been a wasted blog post or website update into a page that brings in thousands of new visitors.

What Google Keywords does is show you how many people are looking for specific keywords and what the competition for those keywords is like. Using the tool is a simple process:

1. Open up Google Keywords and type in a word or phrase - “Michigan houses for sale,” for example.

2. A list of “keyword ideas” will now appear. These can be sorted by various criteria, but to start with click on “global monthly searches.” This ranks the keywords in order of most searched to least, showing how many people are looking for that term.

3. Scroll down the list until you find a keyword that has a relatively low “competition” score. This means there won’t be too many other website vying for people’s attention on the search results page.

4. Once you’ve settled on a keyword, you can click though to see which websites you’re up against and how these websites are using the keyword. The trick is to slot your next blog post or page into a gap that few people are covering.

“Michigan houses for sale” faces some stiff competition from the likes of and, but scrolling down the list, it’s clear that if we focused in on more local keywords - “Michigan Oakland County,” for example, we’d have a much better chance of getting noticed.

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