May 6, 2011

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Google’s Tools: Will You Use Them?

As you’ve probably read by now, Google Maps has just launched a big marketing push in Australia and New Zealand, along with a new website targeting real estate agents: While this is an Australia and New Zealand-based push, the tools Google promotes here could be used by agents anywhere. What we want to know is, will agents get on board?

Let’s take a look at the eight tools Google is promoting on the website:

Google Maps is, unsurprisingly, top of the list. Uploading listings is free, and there are a number of property portals around the world already sending their listings through. Google says Maps now links to over 1,000 real estate websites in Australia and New Zealand, but when, if ever, will we see agents forego their portal subscriptions completely in favour of this option?

AdWords is next on the list - the sponsored links we’ve become so used to seeing around Google search results and on other websites, which can be effective if used properly. As our guest blogger Glenn Batten points out, using AdWords is not just about selecting the keywords with the highest traffic. “Some keywords might only attract a couple of searches a week, but you want to come up number one every single time,” he says.

YouTube is another Google-owned option that can be an effective promotional tool if your videos are done well. Of course, we’ve got some tips for you here.

Those are Google’s three “lead generation” tools. The next five come under the heading “improve operations” and include Google Apps, Google Analytics, Google Insights for Search, Google Earth, and Google SketchUp.

Probably the most useful of these are the widely-used Google Analytics and Insights for Search. Some kind of web analytics is essential when running your own website, while a tool like Insights for Search can give you an even clearer idea of where your traffic is coming from and what people are actually looking for.

The other Google tools depend more on personal needs and taste. Some people live and die by Gmail from Google Apps, while others couldn’t leave Outlook behind if they wanted to. Those with a talent for drawing with the mouse could put Google SketchUp to good use and make great floor plans, but for others this will take up too much of their time.

So, are you keen to make the jump to Google Maps and start using Google’s tools? Or do you plan stick with what you’re currently using? As always, let us know your thoughts and ideas in our comments.


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