May 10, 2011

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How Many Keywords is Too Many?

We all know zeroing in on the right keywords is crucial for real estate website SEO, but do you know how many keywords you should be using per page or blog post to get your SEO just right? Today we’ll look at striking the right balance between helpful keyword use and “keyword stuffing.”

What is keyword stuffing?
Even if you’ve never heard the term “keyword stuffing” before, you may well have come across a website using this strategy. The copy will be crammed with words that relate to a certain topic, to the point where the sentences no longer make much sense. “Filling pages with keywords results in a negative user experience, and can harm your site’s ranking,” Google explains.

Ok, so how many keywords is too many?
As puts it, an “unnaturally high density” of one keyword will see your website drop in search engine rankings and could even see it removed from a search engine’s index altogether.

That said, a clear consensus on exactly what percentage of the words on a page can be keywords before the website is penalised is difficult to come by. We found two sources stating between three and seven percent was the ideal density, along with many other writers naming a different figure.

Keeping it natural
As is so often the case when it comes to SEO questions, the solution lies in common sense. “‘Natural writing’ will automatically result in the right keyword density,” says the best answer on Google Webmaster Central.

In other words, focus on the content buyers and sellers will be interested in, write as if you’re talking to them, and don’t focus too much on squeezing keywords in every few sentences.

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