January 28, 2011

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Facebook Places Squares Off with Foursquare

In this week’s guest post from SOBOXthe social media solution created by propertyadguru.com publisher Classified Ad Ventures - we find out more details about the new check-in rewards system Facebook Deals:

Last week we hinted that Facebook Places was about to launch Deals and with the cat already out of the bag, Facebook did just that at a recent press conference.

The media event was to announce updates to Facebook’s iPhone and Android apps, which included updates to Facebook Places – the ability to add photos to check-ins, better tagging and, of course, Deals.

Rolling out in the US first, Deals allows businesses to create incentives on Facebook through a claimed Facebook Place. The deals on offer are Individual, Loyalty, Friend and Charity.

Individual Deals – These are one-off deals. You can offer this to new and existing customers/clients to launch a new product, offer a gift or get people to your office.

Loyalty Deals – These are to reward your loyal clients. Clients claim them after a certain amount of check-ins (these can be set from two to 20).

Friends Deals – These are for groups of people who check-in together.

Charity Deals – This is where you can show people that you care. These let you donate to a charity.

From an agent’s perspective, the Charity Deals and Individual Deals probably offer the best opportunities at this stage.

The Individual Deals could be used to encourage people to attend an event, for example, showcasing a feature property. As for the Charity Deals, this goes without saying.


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