November 26, 2010

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How Facebook is Changing the Real Estate Industry

This week’s guest post from Sobox editorial consultant Richard Fellner takes a look at how real estate agents are using Facebook to stay one step ahead:

Here’s further proof of how social media is changing the way real estate agents operate: a recent article in The Sunday Mail shows how tomorrow’s house hunters will be turning to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to find their new home. (And when we say “tomorrow”, we really mean tomorrow!)

It’s a fact that online technology has dramatically changed the way many companies do business, especially when it comes to marketing to segments like Generation Y. So how will search engines and social media affect the real estate industry? What are the smart, tech-savvy agents doing to stay ahead of the curve? To find out, read The Sunday Mail’s article: Buying a house? Head to Facebook.

Richard Fellner has 25 years experience in the online marketing world, and understands the intricacies of online content, SEO and New Media.

Sobox - a social media marketing solution for real estate agents - was created by owner Classified Ad Ventures.


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