March 14, 2011

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Facebook Taking Over in Australia

We know a lot about how Facebook is riding high in the USchallenging even Google’s share of the market. What we don’t often see are recent statistics on how Facebook is performing in other markets. Now, thanks to Hitwise, we have a detailed picture of exactly how popular Facebook is becoming in Australia.

Using data from last month, Hitwise has found that Facebook is the second most popular website visited by Australians after, with 7.83 percent of all visits for September. Looking at the 18-24 age bracket, Hitwise confirms something many would have guessed - Facebook has actually inched ahead of Google, with 8.97 percent of visits for the month compared to’s 8.96 percent.

Some of the other Hitwise figures that stand out include:

- Nearly one out of every five pages viewed in September 2010 were on Facebook, eclipsing Google’s 7.4 percent of page views.

- In terms of social networking websites, Facebook is 3.8 times more popular that its nearest competitor, YouTube.

- The average session time for a user visiting Facebook during September 2010 was 28 minutes and 58 seconds.

- Facebook is the second largest source of traffic behind, and well ahead of ninemsn. Facebook generates 11.3 percent of traffic to other websites, compared to’s 31.7 percent and ninemsn’s 3.8 percent.

We’ve never seen a better set of reasons for Australian real estate agents to look into joining Facebook. To help you get started, check out our article on the five most basic Facebook pitfalls (and how to avoid them), along with our spotlight on how Bixby Knolls TV uses Facebook in the US. After that, don’t forget to check out SOBOX, the social media solution for real estate agents created by our publisher Classified Ad Ventures.


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